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"A tour I would highly recommend for both knitters and non-knitters."
- Alex Larkin, participant on 2002 Scotland tour.
Read Alex's full account of the trip: Click Here

"Last May, I took the 'Scottish Skeins and Skerries Tour' arranged and escorted by Joyce James. Undoubtedly, it was the finest trip I have ever taken. We toured Shetland, Orkney, the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. The activities, accommodations and food were wonderful, and the knitting was just grand. I would go again in a minute, and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning traditional knitting techniques from highly skilled traditional knitters. There are ample opportunities for non-knitters, and for archaeological touring, etc. I am still enjoying the beautiful yarns, baskets and jewellery that I bought."
 - Mary, Dallas, Texas

-The colours, laughter, new friends, single malts, beautiful wool and more laughter! I fell in love with the Shetlands.  Let me know about the future trips you plan.  S. Plunkett, Salt Spring Island, B.C.
-    Such wonderful memories of the trip.  B. Stahl, Washington State
-    We really had an exceptional trip.  Absolutely marvelous scenery. Both of us enjoyed it immensely.  Mr. & Mrs. J. Clapp, Ottawa, Ontario

-    Great trip--it was magic! Our trip was truly amazing and I want to let you know that we had the time of our lives--all thanks to you.  You did an amazing job organizing everything.  L. Dunn, Sudbury, Ontario
-    Loved every minute.  S. Schoenfeld.  Huntington Beach, California
-    Companionship of people.  Beautiful drives through the Highlands.  I. Cunningham,  New York City
-    The whole trip was so super, it is difficult to single out memories.  J. Kidd, Nepean, Ontario
-    Amazing, amiable group. The trip was a pleasure all the way.  J. Olson, New York City
-    The trip was the break I needed and it was perfect.  E. Allsopp, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
-    I just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful trip and time we had.  Mr. & Mrs. E. Ballard, Massachusetts

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